You thought your Club days were over…

I love the deliciousness of anticipation. The delicacy of teetering on the edge, the feeling of impatience as it seeps into my cells….yes anticipating all the fun I have planned for us has been and continues to be exquisite.

Everyone wants to be part of the “in-crowd”.  But, I was always too much.  Too much hair, too much ass, too much noise, too much energy and later; too much boob.  The cliques I wanted to be a part of were not designed for outrageous, outspoken, sexy rule breakers.  

Most clubs want Stepford wives/husbands, and demand you be like them. But that’s not me.  And that’s definitely not you.  

Which is why I built us The Club.

The Club is not on social media.    Social media is for everyone, and you are not ‘everyone’.  

You’re interesting.  You’re an independent thinker.  You follow your bliss, and you don’t want to be told what to do.  

The same judgement free zone you’ve come to expect from me is what you will find at The Club.

The Club is a place for you to build a profile that  says who you really are.  The place to be yourself without worrying that your family or friends will see what you post.

Remember if they see you there, they are there too.  Give them the grace that you want from them.  

We are all grown-ups.  We all like sex.  We all have relationships.  Sometimes our relationships are magical and sometimes they suck.  Life is what it is.  You won’t get judged for being authentically you.  

The Club is where to go to have one-on-one conversations with me and other members.  It’s not a dating site, but if you meet someone in there, who am I to argue? 

It is after all, your club too. 

I want you to come and feel safe.  It is a place for you to learn and grow and just ‘be’.

You’ll have access to my videos, pictures, and recordings, that you can’t get anywhere else.    Our conversations will be open, fun and sexy as hell; they will also be real, thought-provoking and led by all of us.

I have been filled with anticipation, waiting to formally invite you to The Club.  It’s a work in progress, just like all of us.  So get in there, put up a picture, post on your profile and find your people.