TheHandyJ 69 “Somehow, there’s a dick up my nose.”

Jump in bed with The Handy J and the Too Wild Orchids for some 69 Action!

In honor of our 69th episode, our friend, Jessica Bari AKA (Instagram Icon) @thehandyj kept it real  as she and Seanlai and Lindsey  break down the merits of what makes a good 69. 

PLUS you have to hear the tips she gave Seanlai and Lindsey on swallowing.  “I’m a dick sucker.  I feel in control and powerful.”

Q: “What’s the best way to give a hand job?” 

A: “Use your mouth!”

Jessica Bari is unlike any other dating/ breakup expert you’ve ever met!  When it comes to matters of the heart, she lets you know what you see is what you get!  And what you get from thehandyj is AMAZING!!

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