5 Guaranteed Ways to Make More Money

5 guaranteed ways to make more money

A recent episode of Too Wild Orchids Podcast discussed sugar daddies and sugar babies.  A sugar daddy is (usually) a wealthy man who prefers an upfront agreement.  Sugar daddies provide things like gifts, trips, and allowances for their sugar baby.  Sugar babies are (usually) women who share their time and energy with a sugar daddy in exchange for financial benefits. 

SD/SBs are not the only people who understand that time is your most precious commodity and energy is your most powerful resource. Every successful entrepreneur knows this.  Money is a result of time and energy spent. 

If you're sick of being broke, use these 5 guaranteed ways to make more money.

  • Leverage means being able to do more with less.   Leverage your time and energy by paying someone to do the things are not fun. Instead of cleaning out the garage all day Sunday maybe you take your kids to the park instead. That leveraged investment will pay off forever.
  • Let the expert be the expert. Gary Keller of Keller Williams said,   “There is no job too small not to outsource.”  So if you are an attorney and you make $300 an hour and you mow your own lawn for 2 hours you’ve just spent $600.00 getting your lawn mowed.  Experts have the tools and systems to do it better and faster, so focus on your own expertise and pay a high school kid to mow your grass or your neighbor to clean your house.

Spend more time doing
what you want to do
less time doing
what you have to do.

  1. Highest and best use of your time. Energy is a renewable resource, time is not.  If you’re doing something and you feel exhausted, stop.  Ask: ”Is this the highest and best use of my time?” It might feel like you “have to”, but if it’s zapping your energy, it’s not worth it.   Remember your leverage.  Sometimes you need help.  Sometimes it’s as simple as getting a snack and taking a walk.   And sometimes it’s about letting it be imperfect.  Done is always better than perfect. 
  2. Be Solution Focused. I love coaching clients because I am all about the solution. Rehashing the past is problem focused and powerless.  So COVID happened and life did not go as you planned.   Now what?  I help my clients leverage their time and energy by being the expert for them.   I get them to find solutions and let go of their blame, shame and guilt.   You will never get what you want if you spend your time and energy on problems.    
  3. Mediate everyday. Mediation is key to unlocking your energy.  More energy means more money, better relationships and happiness.   Mediation isn’t about wiping your brain clean of thoughts.  It’s about focused thought.   Spend only 15 minutes a day alone and focusing on a single repetitive boring topic (like driving, or listening to the sound of your breath, or repeating a mantra). Prove it to yourself.  Try it for 15 minutes once a day for 30 days and watch everything get better. 

Relationship Matters: Money, Sex, Happiness, Fun, Love. 

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