“Out of the Comfort Zone! 5 Daring Virgins Check Out Trapeze Swing Club..”

Seanlai and Amanda helped 5 newbies pop their cherries in one of the most famous Swing Clubs in the world!  Trapeze, like Too Wild Orchids, is THE place to come for sex and fun.


Open relationships demand a higher degree of communication. Not being clear about your boundaries, agreements and rules is the fastest way to divorce court. 


The choice to swing or not to swing is yours. As Amanda puts it, “If I’m not feelin’ it, I’m not fucking it.” 



*** RAISING THE B.A.R. ***

This Saturday, 24 April 2021 @ 12:30 pm EST

Live Event with Seanlai and Kate from Everyday Positivity

Learn how to set BoundariesAgreements and Rules that will guide you to a path where

Money, Sex and Happiness are all possible!



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Want to visit Trapeze? Check out this blog by one of our friends Swingers Jewelry  AND reach out to Amanda@toowildorchids.com for your own Destination LYF adventure!

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