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I used to live in hell.  My relationship was passionate and after 20 years we always still had really hot sex.  But I often wondered if that was all we had.   

Happily ever after wasn’t happy.   I didn’t feel loved, and I damn sure didn’t feel cherished.  I remember being so angry all the time and feeling like my feelings didn’t matter.

Today, I live everyday happily ever after and I didn’t even have to get divorced to do it! #winning  

 In this members only area, I’ll be sharing powerful strategies,  personal stories, case studies, proven tips, and I’ll take you  you through the step-by-step processes that I still use every  day.

Looking for love: Finding a date is easy.  If you want to find your person, you have to bring your ‘A game’.* 

*A Game: Those relationship skills you wish you had that eveyrone else seems to have.  

Reignite Passion : Passion is born from unfamiliarity (remember when your relationship was new).  I’ll show you how to reignite your passion and fan the flames.    

Complex Relationships: If you’re ENM (ethically nonmonogamous) or think you want to be, then you know Vanillas don’t get it.  Sometimes the people closest to you are the problem and not having anyone else to talk to about it sucks.   Don’t worry, I got you.