2 Wild Orchids Sex Toy Review

Why You Need The Hot Octopuss PULSE 3 Duo Vibrating Male Sex Toy (Guyberator)

We hate to admit it. 

But, guys have been getting the shaft!

And, while we women have had dildo after dildo shoved in our….faces (get your mind out of the gutter!)

You men have been left swinging in the breeze. 😀 

Everyone knows sex toys are for her pleasure, and men have been left to their own devices.  

(We see you in the gym trying to balance your forearm muscles.) 

Picture this:  You and your lover want some extra-sexy time together….

You drag your toy box out from under the bed.  You grab old faithful rabbit and spend the next hour trying not to poke anyone’s eye out as you ‘MacGyver’ the vibration to get to both of you.

Don’t act like you’ve never tried duct tape and barbed wire before. ????

And men have never been able to go #HandsFree

Until now…

Introducing from Hot Octopuss the Pulse III Duo.  It’s the world’s first Guyberator  (AKA Guy Vibrator) that’s for couples to use together!    

In this Quickie, we review this amazing sex toy

So, if we’re calling it ahhhh-mazzzzinnnngggg, then you know you do not want to miss our Quickie Video!

Quickie #1 Hot Octopuss PULSE Duo Sex Toy Review http://bit.ly/TWOpulse3Duo

Don’t let us have all the fun!!  Get your own Pulse III Duo, and make sure to use the discount code SL10.  Single guys didn’t get left out either, if you’re going solo, make sure to use the same discount code and get you a Pulse III Solo. 

We love when you share your sexcapades with us!  Don’t stop now! Get your Pulse III Duo or Solo and then send us a message! (Your identity is ALWAYS a secret!)


Seanlai & Lauren

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