Quickie #2: Free DIY Sex Toys-Homemade Sex Toys

Are you prepared?  Because you know it happens right?!   That chilling moment when your child holds up your vibrator that you thought you had hidden and innocently asks, “Mommy what’s this?”  Or even worse, you walk into the living room to find your son and his friend having sword fights with your new dildo.  And really who who wants to talk to their mother in law about the oblong water balloons that look exactly like Trojans?  

Don’t worry, I’ve got you!  In this super secret Quickie Episode #2 I share lots of hot tips and toys that you can leave on your beside table and the kids will never suspect a thing.   You want to watch this episode because besides hiding our sex lives and kinks from the kids, who doesn’t love Free DIY Sex Toys?!

Let’s be clear, “I  for one, don’t want my eight-year-old playing Captain Jack Sparrow with my vibrator and I don’t really want my floggers and my whips hanging off the end of my bed for the maid to find!” 

So, It’s time to get Sexucated!  You’re surrounded by Free DIY sex toys at home, and you don’t even know it….

But what I know is You are so creative!!  I believe in you!!   Homemade Sex Toys are everywhere, the grocery store, the hardware store, Walmart…everywhere your imagination can take you!  

In other words, Don’t leave me out!  I found these for you, how many can you find for me?   
Make sure you leave me a comment and and let me know which ones you discovered!! 

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For more ideas, check out this article from Cosmopolitan:  https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/advice/g2325/homemade-sex-toys/

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