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CoachIng call with Seanlai

is not for everyone.

Talking about the past without a plan for going forward is not her jam.

But, if you’re ready to have an emotionally responsible relationship then apply for this life-changing experience!

Relationships can suck and love isn’t the problem.   Expectations, Resentments, , Lies, Broken Promises drain you.    And it doesn’t have to.

You’ll end the call with strategies and emotionally responsible tools that you’ll use forever.  


Jealousy kills relationships. It doesn't have to kill yours.

Sometimes the best lessons come from strangers.

It’s WAY easier to see what’s somebody else is doing wrong.  

Listening in as strangers explain their feelings will help you understand your own  better.  

Many people are afraid to do live coaching.  If this is you,  we’ve got you.  You will have a chance to listen live and replay the recordings you want. 

2021 is your year to get everything you want. 

We are looking for YOU.  If you’re in a relationship and you keep fighting over the same things and not getting anywhere, we are looking for you.  

If you’re a fan of Too Wild Orchids Podcast or SEX UnShamed then you already know if Seanlai is right for you.  (If not, when would NOW be a good time to listen?)

Relationships are like houses.  If the foundation isn’t laid right, the walls, doors and windows won’t fit right.  Those are the houses storms blow away.  It’s up to you what happens to your house.  

The TV show ‘The Masked Singer’ is proof that voices without video are hard to recognize.  So don’t worry.

We can change locations and names and specific details.   

You aren’t alone.  There are thousands of people just like you who have the exact same problems.  

Seanlai’s goal is to help millions.  But, this opportunity will be offered to very few people.

It’s easiest to see what’s broken when we can back away and look through another’s eyes.   

In true Seanlai fashion, there’s no blame, shame, or judgement. You can’t be joyful if your life is in turmoil. 

*Portions of the sessions will be used to create podcasts, ecourses and ancillary online content. 

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