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THe Female Orgasm

If you want her to have screaming orgasms or you want to have earth-shaking, mind-blowing orgasms then this is the show is for YOU! Charles Black AKA “Don of Desire” talk to Seanlai and Monica and you will learn:

  1. Why women fake orgasm and when it’s PERFECTLY OK to fake one!
  2. How to know if you’re not good in bed (and how to gently tell your partner so he gets better!)
  3. Where the “A Spot” is and how to have an “A Spot” orgasm (SPOILER ALERT: It’s NOT where you think it is!)

The Kiss Test

This is a must listen show, because if you are a bad kisser then (everyone knows) you are a bad lover.   Seanlai and Monica share How to fix a bad kisser – kissing tips   It’s more than you think! 

Guys: Pro Tip! Don’t go for the boob!! What about telling someone they are a bad kisser?