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Get on the same page.

Create a vision of what you want together.

Remember I'm delicious.

Have wild-monkey sex.

Be a better partner.

Fall crazy in love again.

Understand me.

Life is better when you are married to your best friend.

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Your mind is either your best friend or a brutal enemy.  Make friends with yours so you can be the partner your partner deserves.  

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A body in motion stays in motion.  You want to have all your ‘faculties’ working 

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Passion .

Learn how to fuel your desire for eachother so your passion is explosive. 

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Make-Up Sex

Everyone’s self isolating and that means more fights and (Yippee!!) super hot makeup sex!  Seanlai and Monica are all about the makeup sex!  Men and women handle fights differently. If you want to know how to IMMEDIATELY DIFFUSE an argument listen at around minute 20! Stop Fighting BONUS #1 Seanlai gives you a super easy tool to stop the “I don’t care what you do” fight!   

More than 2

Is monogamy natural? What’s the difference between swinging and polyamory? And, why do women need to know what truly turns them on to have success in all areas of life? We dive into these juicy questions in this episode with Seanlai, co-host of Too Wild Orchids and sex expert. Get your questions answered and even the ones you never thought to ask, as we speak about all things non-monogamous and yet still married.