Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options (you’ve never heard of)

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options (you’ve never heard of)

You’ve had a super hot date with your lover.  You’ve flirted all evening.  Your cock has been hard on and off all through out dinner and her panties have been wet all night. 

You get back home and dim the lights.  Slowly you undress her all the while thinking she’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever laid eyes on.  You get into bed and start kissing her, she reaches down to touch you and….

Mush.  All she feels is your soft cock.  Her eyes fly to yours in question and you are mortified and don’t know what to say.  Frantic now, you tell her it’s not her but you can tell she doesn’t believe you. 

You took your Viagra/Levitra/Cialis at the beginning of the night why isn’t it working?!  You feel hopeless and both of you go to sleep unsatisfied and frustrated. 

Sound familiar?

erectile dysfunction treatement options you've never heard of

ED happens to every guy and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. 

Fatigue, age, alcohol, and drugs can kill a hard on.

Until I moved to Florida and entered the world of sex, drugs and rock and roll I had no idea that there was anything else a guy could do.  Maybe that’s you, too. 

Florida is the rejuvenation capital of the world. It’s God’s waiting room for the retired and party central for the rest of us.

I’m sharing this information with you because I have lived all over the world and until I came to Florida I had never heard of Trimix.

Want to try a more natural way?  

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What I’m about to tell you has usually freaked out every guy I’ve ever shared this with.  Only to have them come back later and say “What was that you were saying?”


Let’s get the hard stuff out of the way… Trimix is a dick shot.


*Guys, don’t be a candy ass, keep reading*


Trimix is prescribed by your urologist. The teeny tiny (I’m not kidding smallest insulin needle ever) shot is administered at the base of your cock, nearest your belly.


The head of your penis is where most of your nerves endings are.  There are very few nerve endings at the base of your shaft.  I’ve been told you don’t even feel it. 


It’s not new.  It’s been around since 1983. 

The Obvious Question: “Seanlai, why would I stick a needle in my dick when I can just take a pill?”  

 If the pills work for you and you have no problems with them then go on with your rock hard self.  But for many men, that’s not the case. 


Trimix was developed for guys with severe ED. 


What would you do if you thought you might never have sex again?



After Trimix came out, guess who used it the most? Yep! Guys in porn.  That’s how they stay hard for hours. 


Fun fact: A Trimix erection can last 3+ hours*.  Yes, I said HOURS.  How hot would it be if you could cum and keep going?


Your cock is what makes you a man and when it doesn’t work it can totally f*ck with your head.  


That’s why I wrote this for you.   Erectile Dysfunction sucks for everyone. 


Ladies, it is not about you.  Do not shame him if he’s having a difficult time.  He still wants you, he still thinks you’re hot, he still desires you.  Cut him some slack.  If his body is not cooperating, the last thing he needs is you getting sensitive and taking it personally. 

Guys, if you can’t get hard do something about it.  Suck it up and go see your doctor.  Discuss your options because there’s a lot of sex left in your life.

It is my desire that you have intense passion, hot sex and a really great relationship.   If you or your partner is struggling with ED, contact your urologist.



Download Viagra Foods: 7 Hacks to get you
hard and keep you hard... Right Now

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