Sex: Ladies Answer Sexual Arousal Questions

Sex Question: My husband has been hooked on porn since he was a young boy. I feel like that affects his expectations of our sex life.  I often find myself trying to conform to what he needs/wants? Is this bad?

7 Secrets to Rocking Sex!

  Hot, steamy, rocking sex is more than mouths, hands and genitals.   Mind-blowing, Rocking Sex is created first in the mind, then in the environment, and then in the body.  If you’re reading this, you probably are already a subscriber  to  Too wild Orchids podcast and you are most likely one of our fun friends …

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Sex in Business or Business in Sex?

  What do building relationships, excellent communication, and team-building have in common? If you do these things well, they will they will exponentially grow your professional life.  At work, you aren’t afraid to ask for what you want at work.  You show up for ‘mandatory fun’.  You communicate endlessly via email and meetings.  There’s so …

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How to be the best in bed…

The Princess Bride is a great example of what it takes to be the best in bed.   Are you picking up what your bae wants?  Are you scratching the right itch? Are they getting it done for you?  If you’re not seriously, blissfully, sensually, satisfied, then keep reading.