“Do you desire a unicorn? These fascinating people do actually exist…”

Everyone’s favorite fantasy exposed. Who doesn’t want a Unicorn* in their life? *Unicorn: bi-sexual female who is down for threesomes (or solo play) with their favorite couple These mythical & fascinating creatures really do exist, but how do you catch one and keep her for your very own? Listen in as Seanlai and one of …

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“I have a Sugar Daddy…”

Seanlai gets Amanda to pull back the covers and so we can take a peek into the life of having a Sugar Daddy. Listen in as Two Wild Orchids play with concept  pleasure in having Sugar Relationships and hear about Amanda’s adventures with Captain C.ck ** Kinky Swing Live Event – Ft. Lauderdale – September …

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[MiNiSODE]”What’s the Best Part of Swinging?”

Ever thought about swinging? Curious about having an open lifestyle with your partner? How exactly does this all work?  What is the best part of swinging? Let’s explore it together… Questions or Comments? Call Seanlai 561-556-5577

[MiNiSODE] Bachelor Party Strippers

There are zillions of jealousy in relationship quotes online.  But ultimately Jealousy in a relationship is an indication of insecurity.  Control and jealousy will destroy a relationship so being jealous of strippers in a bachelor party is a huge red flag!   Get your question answered too! 561-556-5577