Meet the Host


Smart & Sexy

Beyond sassy smart, Seanlai is trained as a Neuro-Linguistic programming expert. Her knowledge of non-monogamous relationships allows her to help individuals and couples communicate in a way that gives them confidence and understanding,  

As an invited member of Ted Talks and multiple PodFests and speaking panels, her work has to lead to amazing revelations in millions of marriages, relationships, and personal development cases. 

About Too Wild Orchids

Too Wild Orchids is the hilarious and intriguing sex podcast hosted by the AMAZING Seanlai.

She is on a mission to un-shame sex, praise the penis and glorify vaginas. She wants to help you fall enthusiastically in love with your body, your sexuality, your sensuality and, your practicality.

Practically speaking, sex is fun!

It feels amazing and it releases ooey gooey chemicals that spill all over your…brain. You want it, you know it, and everybody does it. But no one wants to talk about it.

She’s here to change that.

She started this passion project with a desire to redefine “appropriate conversations”. Nothing is off limits. From Sexcapades, to BDSM, to Jealousy, to Relationship Anarchy, she is here to pull the covers back, climb in and see what comes up.

~ Seanlai

Sex & Weather

We need sun, air and water for our species to thrive
We need love, affection and sex for our species to survive
Anticipation and experience is another trait these two share
They catch you off guard and wreak havoc with your hair
Your cheeks will get pink
You’ll get sweaty too
These Universal truths keep life brand new
The mystery for us is simple and sane
Why is one accepted and the other one shamed?

~ Seanlai